July 30, 2007
Gigantic Magnetic Levitation Windmill to power 750,000 homes

Maglev Wind Turbine Technologies is to begin Operations on the largest wind generating system in the World based on Magnetic Levitation that eliminates friction and delivers maximum wind energy directly to the power generators. Rated at 1gW per unit, Maglev Wind Turbines will change the way people think about energy generation.

1 Maglev windmill can power 750,000 homes and can offset as much Co2 as 1,750,00 acres of forest
The technology is attracting a massive amount of attention because of it's unequaled efficiency, very low maintenance and conservation of land surface area compared to windfarms.

Magnetic Levitation or Maglev is the most efficient means of transferring kinetic energy from wind power to generate electricity. The wind turbine floats on a magnetic cushion with the aid of a linear synchronous motor (LSM). This technology eliminates all friction and delivers maximum wind energy directly to the LSM. Since the Maglev wind turbine blades capture all the wind, it is possible to generate electricity for less than one cent per kilowatt hour, one tenth the cost of traditional power generation.

One Maglev Wind Turbine Power Plant can generate the same amount of energy annually as 5,475,000 barrels of oil and also uses less than 100 acres to generate the same amount of electricity that it takes more than 500 wind mills to do using 64,000 acres. Horizontal axis wind mills use less than 1% of the available wind and it is of no surprise that interest in the Maglev Company has been so outstanding.

CEO and founder Ed Mazur is the foremost authority on the diversified application of Magnetic Levitation Technology, or Maglev. At 60 years of age Mr. Mazur has researched variable renewable energy sources since 1981 and has established a proven Maglev wind power generation model based on kinetic energy, of which the major components are weight and speed.

Mr. Mazur has unparalleled knowledge of the diversified renewable energy markets and extreme engineering industries. The management and consulting team he has worked with in the formation of this device has hundreds of years of combined experience in related fields of expertise and experience.

When completed the Maglev Wind Turbine will be the largest and most efficient wind turbine ever constructed.