July 11, 2007
Hydromax selected for DOE Funding

HydroMax(R), an advanced gasification technology being developed by Diversified Energy Corporation (DEC) and licensed from Alchemix Corporation, was selected by the Department of Energy (DOE) from a pool of 1,318 applicants for research and technology transfer funding.

DEC has teamed with CertainTeed Gypsum, one of North America's leading gypsum wallboard manufacturers for the project with the goal of reducing and stabilizing natural gas costs. DEC will conduct tests, design activities, and commercialization planning focused on utilizing HydroMax(R) to gasify coal for the production of synthetic gas for industrial applications.

The HydroMax(R) technology is based on a molten-metals reactor approach. It offers several critical advantages for industrial customers such as CertainTeed Gypsum, including scaling to the 5-100 MWe output range, a compact size for simple integration, hydrocarbon input flexibility, high reliability, substantive reductions in capital and O&M costs compared to traditional gasifiers, and high efficiencies. Previous technology development includes multiple bench-scale tests along with extensive analyses and modeling.