May 9, 08
HelioVolt Developing Thin-Film Solar Windows for Office Buildings

HelioVolt Corporation has teamed with Architectural Glass & Aluminum Co. to develop and offer building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products for its thin-film PV modules. According to NanoMarkets, a market research firm, BIPV products are one of the largest market opportunities for thin-film products, and are expected to constitute about $800 million in 2011. HelioVolt’s agreement with AGA marks the company’s first partnership for delivering BIPV products to market.

“Driven by the inherent value of being able to generate clean electricity at the same place it’s being consumed, the market for distributed solar energy is developing at breakneck speed,” said HelioVolt CEO Dr. B.J. Stanbery. “In addition to offering advances over the typical solar panel products that dominate the market today, HelioVolt’s manufacturing process enables next-generation smart building materials capable of powering cities of the future.”

“AGA has a 40-year history of delivering specialized curtain wall products and services to our customers throughout the Western United States. This new solar-enabled product line will add value and innovation to our already trusted offering,” said Joe Brescia, CEO of AGA. “HelioVolt’s unique manufacturing process and quality of the resulting CIGS thin film make the company a valued partner as we move into a new category of BIPV products.”

HelioVolt is currently constructing a manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas to produce its CIGS thin-film products after raising more than $100 million in 2007.