May 5, 08
All-Electric Uno Green Transport Uses Gyros to Stay Upright at 25mph

The electric Uno is the latest form of green transportation and it is controlled entirely by body movements and may help solve the problem of getting to work through rush-hour traffic.

It is the brainchild of 18-year-old Ben Gulak, who spent several years developing the Uno and making it look cool enough for people to want to ride.

The machine uses gyroscopic technology to stay upright – the rider leans forwards to accelerate and back to slow down.

The Canadian inventor claims the Uno – which has two wheels which work independently, allowing it to turn on a sixpence – could help beat pollution.

He said: 'I was inspired to make the bike after visiting China a few years ago and seeing all the smog. I started with the concept because, if something doesn't look cool, people just won't be interested.

'After that, I started to build it and now have the first prototype and the reaction has been amazing. Currently, it has a top speed of 25mph on a full charge, which lasts about 2.5 hours, but that will be increased greatly with bigger motors.'

The Uno weighs just 129lbs and has a range of two-and-a-half hours once it is charged from a mains socket.

But Steve Thornley, a veteran biker, isn't convinced.

'I wouldn't like to have to do a sharp stop on it, even at 25mph, so I'd hate to think what it's like at 70mph. It looks like a superbike with the middle cut out but on the open road you'd have no chance with it.'

The Uno is the latest bid to crack the green transport market after the Segway which is also electric and has two wheels, is used by more than 400 police and security forces around the world.

It is also popular on golf courses and in airports.