May 29, 08
Hybrid Tech. Readies 220mpg Supercar For Auto X-Prize Competition

Hybrid Technologies has created an astounding piece of automotive engineering if what they claim is true. A gas-electric hybrid sportscar that achieves 220mpg with an all-electric range of 150 miles. The vehicle is their common sense entry in the Automotive X Prize competition.

The Lithium-ion powered supercar will actually have two versions when its finally road ready, a hybrid electric and an all electric model. Whether or not they can meet all the X prize criteria in time is an open question, but they do hope to have a working prototype ready by September of this year.

“We’re looking for this car basically to end up mainstream—not just built for a one-and-done,” says project development engineer Ron Cerven. “The X Prize car is going to be the purchasable—obviously a higher-end car, but there might be something else from us in the X Prize.”

Hybrid Technologies high-end exotic hybrid is expected to retain regenerative breaking, in addition to movable aero parts to alter the vehicle’s downforce and drag.

The SuperCar is planning for a 150- to 180-mi. range per charge from the all-electric model, with the Gas/Electric hybrid coming in at 220 mpg. Hybrid Technologies is also planning on World beating acceleration but as yet no numbers were given.

Judging from the initial success of the Tesla roadster, a super sportscar may be the ideal market for the new expensive Lithium-Ion battery technology. Owning a sportscar is all about showing off, and with tremendous acceleration, great looks, and the chance to be an Eco-Hero, it's hard to resist the appeal of such a vehicle.

Hybrid Technologies is looking for a market launch date of late 2009. No word on pricing yet, but if you have to ask the price for Eco-Glory, you can't afford it.