May 28, 08
Inventor Claims Fuel Additive Makes Gasoline Burn 100% Efficiently

A southern Oregon inventor claims he has developed a revolutionary fuel additive that could prove to be a cheap and quick way to alleviate rising fuel prices and slow the growth of harmful emissions.

"We've come up with a solution to get all of the fuel to burn efficiently," said the inventor, Bob Kurko. "If you get all of the fuel burning, you're not going to have emissions."

Kurko, pictured below, said he invented E3 ultra clean fuel catalyst in his garage in Cave Junction.

He said it changes the way gasoline is used in the engine, making it burn 100 percent efficiently.

Kurko said your car would actually act as an air cleaner. When the air from the outside is pulled in through the air intake system, through the filter and then mixed in the engine with the gasoline and the fuel catalyst, what's burned and comes out of your tail pipe is actually cleaner than the air that went in to your engine.

Lt. Col. James Boozell said he is a believer.

"If every car in the country were driving on this, global warming would be eliminated," said Boozell, who is a Department of Defense employee at the Pentagon while moonlighting as a spokesman for Kurko's E3 fuel catalyst.

He said he has to fight his own bosses and oil companies to make them listen.

"Unless they are directed to use the product, they are not going to voluntarily use the product … so it may take some sort of directive for all of our fuel companies and our large government agencies to come on board," said Boozell, pictured at right.

He said he became a believer when he ran the product in diesel engines at the South Carolina National Guard.

Some of the vehicles - including Hummers and large two-and-a-half ton trucks - saw fuel efficiency increase 45 percent and emissions drop 98 percent, Boozell said.