May 26, 08
Green Star Announces Algae Biomass Growth Cycle Breakthrough

Green Star Products announced that a major breakthrough has been achieved which substantially increases the algae growth rate of certain strains of microalgae.

Algae scientists have long searched for a micronutrient formula to increase the growth rate of algae biomass. Now, Biotech Research, Inc., a consortium partner of Green Star, has confirmed a daily growth rate increase of 34% using the “Montana Micronutrient Booster (MMB)” formula. This growth rate booster can increase the total biomass quantity in a harvest algae growth cycle by well over 100%. The tests where conducted at Biotech Research’s lab facility at the UABC University in Ensenada, Mexico.

Joseph LaStella, president of Green Star Products, stated, “This breakthrough formula is too important to the algae processing industry for any single company to hold for their personal use. Microalgae production holds real answers to the many serious problems facing the world today, including global fuel shortages, global warming and food supply shortages.”

It is the intention of Green Star to make this product available throughout the world.

The UABC testing has shown that 1:10,000 nutrient dilution rates were very productive (i.e. one gallon of MMB mixed with 10,000 gallons of water). Even at 1:20,000 dilution levels, the MMB was still effective.

Green Star will make available 12-oz sample bottles to all universities, research institutes and commercial facilities for testing on their specific strains of algae.

Mr. LaStella further stated, “We do not know if this formula will work on all species of algae and Green Star intends to create a database that will be published on our website based on feedback from all entities participating in the sampling program. All participants will be asked to submit their results to Green Star and summaries will be published to the entire industry.”

Mr. LaStella also stated, “If the algae industry works together we will all benefit by identifying which strains of algae can be improved collectively. Hopefully, the entire industry can be accelerated into near term production.”