May 21, 08
Selsam Flexible SuperTurbine Takes Wind Power To the Extreme

The Selsam SUPERTUBINE off shore concept is the most innovative approach yet to harnessing the massive amounts of power stored in the atmosphere as wind energy. Combining wind power with floating blimps, Selsam has been hard at work expanding the horizons of alternative energy with a revolutionary new breed of SuperTurbines that promise to take wind power to new heights.

The off shore concept takes Selsam’s scalable wind turbine idea out for a spin around the shore. The spikes on the stalks are actually a series of rotors that work together to generate energy. The off shore SUPERTURBINES can be placed in either shallow or deep water in a “plug and play” placement because the three spider like legs coming from the bottom of the turbine are easily connected to moorings of different lengths.

The Superturbine is also made from carbine fiber like the land versions and is lightweight and easy to tow. The whole system uses minimal mechanisms apart from a direct drive. No platform is required. The turbines may also submerge during extremely bad storms to avoid damage and still be functional afterwards.

The system is self aiming to take advantage of the various wind directions and speed. Because it is lightweight, bumping into the structure with a boat would be “unlikely to sink”. Bumpers may also be attached to minimize damage. Actually, from the way they bend, there may be more damage from being on deck than running into it.

The turbines are quite amazing in their versatility and surprising strength but odd looking when envisioned as a massive ocean wind farm.