March 6, 08
Two Passenger Lumeneo Smera has 93 Mile All Electric Range

Now on display at the Geneva Motor Show is the two passenger Lumeneo Smera concept. It’s an electric car that can travel 93 miles on a single charge. Top speed is 80 mph and 0 to 60 mph is accomplished in about 8 seconds. It’s proportions are rather unusal as is it’s suspension. As you can see in the photograph the passenger sits directly behind the driver in what is usually the cargo area. In fact the driver has a choice, cargo or passenger not both. To keep the center of gravity from knocking it over the car actually tilts just like a motorcycle rider leans into a turn.

Dual electric 20 hp motors each power the rear wheels directly, there is no mechanical differential. A 144 volt lithium ion battery pack provides the power. Lumeneo hopes to start selling the Smera next year at an as-yet-undetermined price.