March 24, 08
The One Ton 600 Watt Portable PowerCube Solar Generator

Reluminati has introduced the PowerCube portable solar generator which is configured to make and store renewable electricity for on-grid, off-grid, short-term, Long-term, primary or backup power without heat, noise or emissions. The 1 Ton $25,000 system brings 600 watts of continuous power via its 6 Marine 200 Amp Hour Batteries. Overall dimensions are about 6'x4'x4' which means portability comes only with the use of a forklift.

The PowerCube combines proven components and innovative design. It is rugged, mobile, and engineered to be deployed quickly and operated as a stand-alone unit. For larger power demands, single units can be linked together to form a scaled solution.

The PowerCube is ready to use when it leaves the factory and easily operable by non-professionals. Large scale power storage and inverter capacity provide any user the ability to solve a wide range of critical power requirements.

The PowerCube uses a revolutionary plug-and-play design unlike anything on the market today. Modular component integration and a simple user interface facilitate quick, easy maintenance. With its unique ability to harvest renewable energy anywhere, the unit supplies essential power without the need for fuel deliveries

• 3 200 Watt Solar Panels for 600 Watts of Solar Generation
• 3500 Watts of Continuous Inverter Output
• 2400 Amp Hours of Battery Storage
• Revolutionary Plug and Play System Integration
• Instant interconnection
• Rugged Watertight Case