March 19, 08
New Solar CarPort System is Designed to Recharge Electric Vehicles

Clear Skies Group has announced its new proprietary TetraPort Solar Energy Carport System, the most advanced system of its kind to enter the marketplace and the third in a series of cutting-edge solar solutions conceived and developed exclusively by Clear Skies Solar.

Designed for corporations seeking to implement "green" practices while maintaining the architectural integrity and aesthetic elements of their complexes, the TetraPort encompasses spans of up to forty feet or more and includes independent AC power outlets for electric or hybrid automobiles.

"The TetraPort is both a fully functioning solar energy carport and an architectural artwork that any corporation would be proud to display in its parking area," said Ezra Green, Chairman and CEO of Clear Skies Solar. "We've removed the cold, formless industrial look characteristic of conventional carports and replaced it with innovative design and engineering that will keep people talking."

Constructed from steel and aluminum, the TetraPort can be painted any color to reflect the individual themes of corporations, and the system's design versatility allows for the use of any solar module on the market. The TetraPort can withstand wind speeds of up to 125 mph and includes a dioxide shield, designed to resist weather effects over many years.

"Corporations often want to incorporate green practices but lack the roof space to install other types of solar energy systems," noted Green. "Meanwhile, many commercial complexes require carports for sun protection. The TetraPort resolves both issues."

With the rare combination of architectural value and solar functionality, the TetraPort is comparable or lower in cost to conventional solar carports offering only functionality. Additionally, because the TetraPort is modular, installation requires less time than needed with conventional models.

Clear Skies Solar designs, engineers, manufacturers, and installs the most advanced and cutting-edge technology currently available in the renewable energy market. In-house architects, electronics experts, and electricians offering combined decades of construction experience make CSS not only a one-stop solution provider but also the leading solar project developer in the United States today.

The TetraPort is the latest innovation of Clear Skies Group's research and development department, and it comes on the heels of the patented XTRAX Solar Monitoring System and the proprietary Solar Power Supply (SPS) Vehicle Data Monitoring Device. Designed for sub-100kw residential and commercial customers, XTRAX reliably monitors solar electrical production and delivers autonomous data readings to ensure optimal system performance levels.

SPS, meanwhile, was designed and built by Clear Skies Group on specification to meet the unique needs of a New Jersey-based vehicle data monitoring company.

"We are one of the only solar integrators in the United States to house our own dedicated research and development department," concluded Green, "and because of this, we are able to provide solutions to our clients' specific needs."

The TetraPort will be available for purchase in Spring 2008.