March 12, 08
New Green Fuel From Coal Can Be Produced For $20 Per Barrel

Silverado Green Fuel is at the forefront of one of the U.S.'s highest priorities in domestic energy supply and security, namely coal-to-liquid fuel. "Silverado Green Fuel is very much a team effort." stated Garry L. Anselmo, Silverado President and CEO. "There have been discussions between our own Technology, Engineering and Management Team and the State of Mississippi, and we are of one mind to go forward with planning for a larger scale commercial plant. Silverado Green Fuel is now being market and demand driven."

Originally planned as a 'Demonstration Plant', technical and engineering work is underway to scale-up the plans for the proposed facility to a full size 'Green Fuel Commercial Plant'. The Technical/Development Plan in progress will identify costs, budgets, and technical issues. Based on utilizing Mississippi lignite, Silverado will generate a step-by-step 'Silverado Green Fuel Facility Design and Implementation Action Plan'.

Silverado Funds Initial Mississippi Lignite Evaluation and Feasibility Study

Considerable hydrothermal treatment research has already been done with numerous Low Rank Coals from around the world. However, understanding the unique properties of Mississippi lignite is critical in fine tuning the commercial production of Green Fuel. Consequently, Silverado is providing a $150,000 grant to the Mineral Industry Research Lab, University of Alaska (Fairbanks) to use their expertise and unique mini-reactor apparatus to develop this data.

In addition, Great Northern Engineering of Palmer, Alaska, which has provided technical and engineering guidance during technology development, has been awarded a contract for $21,500 to assist with the initial commercial feasibility study.

The work being carried out at the University of Alaska, and at Great Northern Engineering, will be integrated into the 'Silverado Green Fuel Facility Design and Implementation Action Plan'.

In The United States, Low Rank Coal Represents Centuries of Domestic Energy Resources, and is Currently a Highly Under-Utilized Resource

"Achieving energy independence and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions are two of the greatest challenges America faces. With the right technological innovations, coal has the potential to be a cleaner burning, domestic alternative to imported oil"......" "Moving forward, I believe we should invest in coal-to-liquid fuels..." - Barrack Obama

"We will accelerate the production of advanced coal technology." - Hillary R. Clinton

"We must adapt technologies to give our kids a better world"....."All sources of energy need to be developed."...."We have to reduce our dependence on foreign oil (Venezuela, Nigeria, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia)." - John McCain

Crude Oil is Over $109/Barrel, Many Times the Cost of Silverado Green Fuel

Despite escalating costs for equipment and materials caused by runaway fuel costs, Silverado estimates that its Green Fuel can be produced commercially for under $20 per barrel, on an oil equivalent energy basis. Costs are coal and site specific. Given that Green Fuel costs will be only a fraction of oil prices, profit margins are expected to be significant.

Silverado Green Fuel will be commercially produced virtually emission free in respect to particulate matter, sulfur, and heavy metals. CO(2) generated during production can be recovered efficiently and sold for enhanced oil recovery.

Green Fuel can be used to power oil-fired power plants and industrial boilers. It is also a good feedstock for some advanced gasifiers to produce synthesis gas, which can be fired in turbines to generate power in IGCC plants and catalytically reacted to yield transportation fuels, petrochemicals and fertilizers. Synthesis gas can be further processed to yield only hydrogen, the only feedstock that truly does not produce any CO(2) when combusted or reacted in fuel cells.