March 11, 08
SolCool Air Conditioner Runs Directly From Solar or Wind Power

SolCool One and its manufacturing partner, Senergy Cooling Systems, have delivered the first Millennia direct current air conditioning/heating system to AirCare Phoenix, Arizona.

"The Millennia will fit nicely into the growing green building segment of residential and commercial construction," commented Jerry Lenhart, President of AirCare, LLC, the wholesale distribution HUB for the Millennia in Phoenix, Arizona. "The Millennia line of direct current climate control systems will perform well in the communication, augmentation, server and off grid market segments," Mr. Lenhart went on to say.

AirCare will be demonstrating the Millennia throughout Arizona in it's mobile demonstration office.

The 1.5 ton, 18,000 BTU split version of the Millennia demonstrates how it uses solar or wind DC and or grid AC energy sources to charge on-board deep cell batteries that power its 24 or 48 volt internal system. The battery driven Millennia can cool or heat uninterrupted for hours without any charging from outside sources at more than 50% less power consumption than comparable conventional hardware.

"The Millennia will smart charge from solar, wind, hydro or any other direct current choice and if there isn't any DC source it will automatically charge from a grid or generator source. If charging is interrupted, the Millennia System will continue to cool, heat, light and charge DC accessories such as cell phones and laptops from it's own battery bank for hours or days," said Cliff Sutton, V.P. Marketing and Sales at SolCool One.