March 10, 08
Pininfarina Unveils The Sintesi With 4 Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Design company Pininfarina has unveiled a remarkable sports car, called the Sintesi, at the Geneva Show.

It's very low-slung, but even from the outside it's easy to see that there's room for four passengers - so much room, in fact, that you might wonder where the engine is.

Well, there isn't an engine. The Sintesi actually uses US/Italian company Nuvera's Quadrivium system, which consists of four hydrogen fuel cell motors, one mounted near to each wheel. The result of this space-saving technology is a car which has been designed round its occupants rather than its mechanical components.

The power from the fuel cells is supplemented by two levels (in what are called Normal and Sport modes) of battery boost. When this is at its maximum, the Sintesi produces the equivalent of over 210bhp and has a 0-62mph time of 7.5 seconds. The only snag with this is that full battery boost is available for less than five minutes.

However, even with no battery boost at all, the Sintesi is still reasonably quick, with a top speed of 119mph.

The chances of a car like the Sintesi going on sale in the near future are, of course, practically zero. But it does show the kind of thing that can.