February 7, 08
Toyota 1/X Plug-in Hybrid Makes its US Debut

The Toyota 1/X concept debuted at the Tokyo auto show in 2007, but now the automaker has brought the concept to the show floor in Chicago. The Toyota 1/X is pronounced "one-Xth," in case you were wondering. We weren't, and explaining that the fractional name is meant to highlight the concept's low weight is a bit tedious, but here we go. The 1/X is a hybrid, of course, and despite being smaller and lighter than a Prius, it has the same amount of interior room.

The 1/X is a whopping 924 pounds lighter than a Prius, which would help explain how it gets twice that hybrid's mileage. Don't get too excited, though, this is a concept through and through. Heck, the images aren't even of a whole car, just a cut-out to show where all the parts fit. The power plant is in the back and powers the rear wheels. The concept is also made of carbon fiber, which is lightweight but extremely expensive. We see the 1/X as a great thought, but probably one that's a long way from reality.