February 15, 08
Hydrogen Powered Maglev Train to Begin Construction

A revolutionary new form of mass transit is being planned for Michigan that will be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, solar energy and have zero emissions.

Construction of the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Super Highway is set to begin this year and will link Ann Arbor and Detroit together.

Hydrogen fuel cells will power the cars that will be magnetically levitated and run on parallel rails.

The public transit system would combine high speed magnetically levitated cars running on elevated parallel magnetic rails, laminated solar cells, and the conduit cluster that would be used to distribute electricity, water, fuels, etc. Each mile of rail should produce about 844,800 watts of electricity per hour using solar energy. Hydrogen would be used in fuel cells, internal combustion engines, micro turbines and other energy conversion devices to generate power.

The cars will be able to carry both people and normal vehicles and move on four runners attached to the metallic polls and will be managed by TCP/IP signaling.

The solar panel is located in between the polls and would hold electricity, fuel and water.

NEWTY Award winner Justine Eric Sutton is the man behind the scheme that will begin production in Michigan in 2008.