February 13, 08
Revo Buster Electric Vehicle Coming to America

Revo Motor Company a division of Revo North America an Austin based company, recently made headlines in China by agreeing to exclusive distribution rights of four Chinese made electric vehicles. This deal allows Revo North America, to be the only distributor of Chinese made Revo electric cars.

Revo Motor Company's flagship is called the Buster Coupe. The name is almost longer than the vehicle, which measures 102.3 inches long on a 71-inch wheelbase and looks similar to the Smart Car from certain angles. Top speed is 45 mph (with the 25-mph limiter removed), and it has a range of 70 miles on a charge. Classified as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV), the Buster Coupe is "100 percent legal for on-road use," the company says. It and the companies three other electric car models - yes, there are three other models - are all powered by a 72V electric motor. All Revo's electric vehicles are 100% pollution free. MSRP on the Buster Coupe starts at $9,950. Complete details are available at Revo's website www.carinfoinside.com.