December 11, 07
Toshiba to Launch 5 Minute Recharge Super Battery

Toshiba is set to launch a revolutionary battery technology that could transform the electronics and automotive industry.

The (Super charge ion battery) or SCiB that are capable of charging up to 90% energy capacity in just five minutes. Its most astounding feature, however, lies in its 10-year life span. The super tech batteries will be available early next year with sizes ranging from 2.4V measures 62 x 95 x 13-mm / 150-grams to 24V version measures in at 100 x 300 x 45-mm and 2000-grams. Prices should be comparable to existing battery technology.

High safety: SCiB is difficult to cause the internal short circuit and the thermal runaway with the new cathode material and the adoption etc. of the electrolyte of the high flash point whose thermal safety is high, it is the electric battery whose possibility of explosion and ignition quite is low.

Long-lived efficiency: After approximately 3000 charging and cycles due to quick charge condition, capacity decrease is under only 10%. Approximately, repetition charging and which exceeds 5000 times being possible, 10 years or more it can use over again with the charge of 1 day 1 time.

Boosting charge efficiency: It can guarantee high safety and because heavy-current charge (50A) is possible, the SCiB cell, both standard module, it can complete the charge of 90% or more of battery capacity in 5 minutes.

Takaide power efficiency: We have the input/output efficiency where like the electric double layer capacitor is high, it is optimum to the use whose big power is necessary.

Low temperature efficiency: Minus 30 degrees Celsius and sufficient discharge is possible with low temperature environment, it is suitable in the use where use at cold area is anticipated.”