November 5 , 07
HydraStax Residential Fuel Cell Could Slash the Cost of Electricity

Hydra Fuel Cell, a subsidiary of American Security Resources Corp. announced that it has made an historic first installation of a complete HydraStax fuel cell system at a residence on the Texas coast, Saturday, October 27.

Jim Twedt, President and CEO of Hydra, speaking to several dozen attendees at the installation, said, "This installation proves the viability of hydrogen fuel cells for primary or backup power at the residential level. With this system we begin delivering the benefits of the hydrogen economy through distributed, clean, and economical electricity generation at the residence, eliminating the need for grid power and even feeding excess power back to the grid." Twedt continued, "This system is a robust beta test system which we will replace with a production model sometime in early 2008. This system contains all the elements of the production models except an ammonia-to-hydrogen fuel system which is being developed by American Hydrogen Corp. (www.americanhydrogencorporation,com), our sister company. That fueling system is scheduled for delivery in the next 90 days and will deliver hydrogen at a price that we expect will make the electricity generated by HydraStax fuel cells much less expensive than the electricity purchased from the grid."

Frank Neukomm, Chairman and CEO of American Security Resources Corp., observed to the guests who included elected officials, NASA contractors, a European trade official, and banking, insurance and real estate executives among others, "Two years ago, October 28th, 2005, we acquired eGO Design which became Hydra Fuel Cell Corp. and here, two years later, almost to the day, they have delivered a working hydrogen fuel cell system for the biggest potential market possible, the residential replacement and backup power market."

Joseph Ace, owner of Sunrise House, site of the installation, said, "I am honored and thrilled to be the first American to have a hydrogen fuel cell powered house. Our installation is the first step on the road to regaining America's energy independence."