October 9 , 07
50-watt Emergency Power Micro Fuel Cell Demonstrated

Millennium Cell Inc. and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies demonstrated a 50-watt emergency power unit for the first time at CEATEC Japan, the largest international exhibition in Asia featuring electronics and information technology products.

The prototype system provides approximately 10 hours of runtime at 50 watts from Horizon's fuel cells and is fueled by Millennium Cell's Hydrogen on Demand chemical hydride fuel technology. The system is expected to sell for under $400 and was designed for use by disaster relief professionals to power communications during black-outs.

"In just six weeks time, the two companies have integrated Millennium Cell's Hydrogen on Demand technology with Horizon's fuel cells to create a self-contained power system. We intend to apply Hydrogen on Demand to additional Horizon products in 2008," says George Gu, president and CEO, of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies.