October 30 , 07
Fuel-Cell Motorbike with Lithium-Ion Backup Power

Japan's Suzuki Motor Corp. has unveiled a prototype motorbike with a zero-emission fuel-cell that is cooled by air.

The "Crosscage" motorbike has a fuel cell set in a simple chassis and a hydrogen tank protected by an X-shaped metal frame cage. The fuel cell was developed by Intelligent Energy of Britain.

The motorbike, which is on display at the Tokyo Motor Show, is said to be free of noise and vibration, and has a lithium-ion battery below the tank for extra power.

"Fuel-cell motorbikes tend to have podgy scooter-like bodies given the large size of the system. But this compact system enabled us to propose a sporty, slim design," said Suzuki motorcycle marketing official Kenji Mori.