October 29 , 07
World's First Hybrid Solar Thermal Plant

Solar MW Energy Inc. and affiliate Ecosystem Solar Electric Corp. has commenced the development of another "jewel" near Barstow's Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County, Southern California.

A nominal in the aggregate of 59.4 megawatt (MW) solar thermal electric hybrid, utility-scale merchant power plant, to be sited on green field land parcel, privatelyowned by the developer, at the north-west end of Lenwood Road.

Latest design of improved tried-and-true Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology for solar field, consisting of 'twin parabolic collectors (mirrors) with twin parabolic tubes (not pipes) receivers- will be implemented, as well as the World's first storage for off-peak power generation for reliable 24 hour electricity.

The unique design purpose of the twin parabolic receivers is to withstand up to 80 mph wind force and up to 7.6 on the rector's scale earthquake magnitude. The first Receiver will heat-up to over 440°C the Fluid for daylight (super-peak) 8 hours operation and Receiver 2 heats-up to over 440°C the Fluid which is stored during daylight in massive storage tanks for evening-night (off-peak) 8-hours operation.

The facility will support the State of California's goal of increasing the percentage of renewable energy supplies.

The benefits of the project and facility will outweigh the environmental and social costs. The long overdue infrastructure for towns such as Lenwood, Hinkley and other surrounding Barstow's communities is also desperately needed to foster growth.

The plant will deliver reliable power to over 35,000 new homes in the entire area, the proposed Native American casinos at the far south end of Barstow, and to the recently designated Barstow's California Enterprise Zone, thus enabling growth of this clean air, free of wildfires and growth oriented community.