January 24, 08
Virgin Galactic Unveils SpaceShipTwo Design

For those lucky few, who can afford it, an out of the world experience is in the waiting! Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson has unvieled his vision for future space travel, the first regular paying passenger rocket to space!

Plans for spaceship Gallactic's second model -- Spaceship 2 -- have been revealed. The model aims to carry 6 passengers along with two pilots into the space.

Priced at $200 thousand, the trip is all set to provide passengers a heavenly experience for two and a half hours. The space trip will leave from a launching pad to be built in new Mexico and will carry few lucky passengers onboard, who will be weightless for about 5 minutes.

The space ship is currently about 60 percent complete and Branson hopes to start test flights later in the year 2008.

Commenting on his vision for future space travel, Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group said:"I think, it could lead to orbital travel, it could lead to the most incredible kind of hotels in space. It could also lead to small little spaceships going around the moon and being able to view the moon from 100, 200 foot above the surface. And at some stage in the future, I'm absolutely sure, we'll be populating other planets, and that's something that I think in 100 years time will be a real possibility.