November 13 , 07
Apple Developing “Virtual Mouse” Multi-touch Pad

Apple is developing a new multi-touch user interface that builds upon its highly successful iPhone technology while taking it to a new level of usability and complexity. The new technology will first appear in a touchpad device that will replace the traditional mouse. The input system is very thin and receives information through an expanded library of touch gestures that the user generates to define a multitude of computer functions.

The iPhone uses a glass screen with a capacitive subsurface layer to electromagnetically sense the movement of fingers over its surface. The new touchpad uses the same technology in a matte touchpad surface of about 7” by 9” and is powered by a usb connection. The system will be able to sense three finger gestures two finger swipes and a variety of other gestures to control the computer in a much more productive fashion than any current mechanical mouse can do.

The new pad will not display images and so will be inexpensive enough to be included with every new Apple computer sold and it should help Apple further differentiate the Mac from its PC rivals