January 31, 08
First Commercial Wireless Electricity Experiment in Japan

Japanese scientists are set to test the largest wireless electricity transmission ever attempted in a Tesla like spectacle that is sure to capture a great amount of atention and spark strong interest and support for a technology that could change the World. The event is to take place at the Tokyo Tower, the largest man made structure in Japan, at 1100 feet tall.

The nighttime experiment is meant to Illuminate the top spire of the mammoth steel structure to demmonstrate the use of the first wireless electricity transfer system in the World. The test is designed to transfer about 1200 watts of power at a range of 100 feet and will be a first of its kind use of a system Japanese scientists are developing to transmit power at distances they hope could reach 300 feet using a science that is based on magnetically coupled resonance.

Resonance energy is when a receiver coil is tuned to the same frequency as the emitter coil, the sender coil emits electricity by way of a magnetic field oscillating at a specific frequency, only the receiver coil is able to pick up the transmitted energy, the surrounding environment is unaffected and the system does not need line of site as the energy travels through any weather condition as well as structures.

Wireless energy transmission is seen as the Holy Grail of power because of it’s potential in developing nations where electricity is limited and expensive due to the massive infrastructure costs of installation. Wireless Electricity like cell phone service would be quick and easy to install and its effects would be immediate in transforming the lives of impoverished people.

The market for wireless electricity transfer is enormous, the Japanese Government thinks the first application would be electric vehicle charging. Chargers would be embedded into parking spaces, the vehicles would automatically charge eliminating the hassle of constantly plugging in. The automobile would be virtually maintence free. And to promote this idea the Japanese government envisions thousands of free charging spaces located around Toyko.