January 28, 08
Nintendo Developing Holographic Video Game System

Nintendo is developing a ground breaking new holographic video system that should give it a leg up in the highly competitive world of gaming consoles. The new system utilizes a technology first developed at MIT and uses sophisticated software to render 3D images and bring a whole new reality to gaming.

The revoltionary system works first by using the beautifully rendered 3D images already present in games like Ghost squad and then the specialized software calculates a laser diffraction pattern which is needed to create the hologram. To create a full color spectrum image three different light interferance patterns are needed for each of the primary colors. The video signal is then sent into a light modulator, which is made up of a waveguide where light travels, covered by a piezoelectric material that converts the video signal into vibrations. The video signal bends the shape of the piezoelectric material, which actually changes the properties of the light moving through the waveguide. The light wave that is emitted is composed of various intensities and frequencies,that when projected can recreate a three-dimensional scene.

Nintendo’s Wii system has been unexpected hit with gamers of all ages and if the Holographic gaming platform comes together like Nintendo hopes it could put it miles ahead of Sony and Microsoft for the hearts and minds gamers worldwide.