October 24 , 07
Lego Set to Introduce High Tech Wireless LED light Blocks

Danish toy maker Lego is set to launch a new paradigm in toys with the introduction of a line of battery powered LED light building blocks that can be turned on and off wirelessly by RF transmission. The high tech superblocks add a whole new dimension to toy building and should spark a renewed sense of wonder to Lego fans all over the World.

The blocks are used for construction just like any other Lego blocks accept for the fact of illumination, and their use of the new Z-wave wireless radio transmission standard which is supported by over one hundred independent manufacturers. Z-wave works by sending radio frequency transmissions of up to 100 feet away over the 900 MHz ISM band and can turn all the LED Blocks on or off simultaneously without any connecting wires. The lithium batteries last for 100 hours of continuous use so using your creation to impress amazed party guests shouldn’t be a problem.

Lego has seen a resurgence in recent years thanks to the popularity of it’s Aqua Raiders line, which features SCUBA-equipped figures engaged in underwater adventures. Lego says that world's children spend 5 billion hours a year playing with its colorful blocks and their popularity has never been as great because of the recent scare over Chinese made toys that were recalled do to lead paint contamination. No word yet on pricing but these new blocks should only increase the luster to a company that has captured the imagination of kids both young and old for over 70 years.