January 15, 08
Green Dye Solar to cut the cost of Energy by 90%

Research funded by the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology is sparking a Revolution in Solar Power. Green Dye Solar Promises to be the next big thing in Alternative Energy with a cost of production that could be 90% less than conventional Silicon Solar Cells and work efficiently in low diffuse light conditions and even cloudy weather.

Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) are a novel approach to Solar Energy concieved out of the frustration with stagnating technology centered around Silicon based cells that have been used since the early 1970’s and have shown no significant drop in manufacturing cost in over 20 years. Frustration and stagnation can be extremely motivating forces and it has lead researchers back to green, the color that makes a leaf about 30-40% efficient at photosynthesis.

The Green Dye used to make the new photovoltaic devices has a synthetic chlorophyll made from the light-harvesting pigment plants use for photosynthesis. The dye molecules coat tiny metal oxide particles that are fused together into a thin film. The green dye molecules capture spectral light energy and release electrons, the particles act like electrical nano wires and carry the electrons through to an electrical circuit. The metal used in the cell is Titanium dioxide a plentiful cheap non-toxic white mineral used in many consumer products even toothpaste and cosmetics.

It is also posible using the same technology to develop a thin solar based green-dye based paint that could be applied to surfaces further expanding the potential of this amazing technology. Expect the first Green-Dye Solar cells to hit the market some time in 2008.